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important stuff!

Worcester’s Best of Business Awards

 ~*~The deadline for voting is 4/2 ~*~

~*~ You must answer AT LEAST 15 categories for your vote to count ~*~

~*~ Vote under Gym/Health Club ~*~


Let everyone know that Fit FRIENDzy Studios is the place to be!!!  We got an honorable mention last year after only months of existence and alongside PLANET FITNESS!!! Imagine what we can do THIS YEAR??? Let’s get this!!!

  “We search for acceptance our whole lives sometimes …so when you find it you want to shout about it!”

“Honestly, Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a way of life.  It’s not just a way of fitness.  And when you’re there, you’re home.”

spring is here!!!

Are you ready to head into the summertime home stretch …?  What better time to jump on our unlimited membership bandwagon?


What Fit friendz really look like…

In less than a year, our very own Miss Heather chose our monthly membership over paying for her monthly smoking fees.  Smiling every step of the way.  The rest is history … <3


Nothing really ever compares to someone saying they’re half their size and a whole lot happier since they found us. <3  We love you Miss Maryellen … a TRUE adventurous FIT FRIEND!


What moms of 3 REALLY look like when they choose health and happiness!!! Check out our very own Kay Sears’ FB page “Eat Pray Lose” which chronicles her journey … it’s amazing.  And don’t forget, she sells eggs from her farm at the studio!!! $3.50 :)

kay sears

What fit friendzy classes really look like…

“Work” by Lil’ John

“Yea 3x” by Chris Brown

“Mamafrikalo” by Zumba Fitness

“Footloose” by Blake Shelton

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Jump on the greatest bandwagon EVER!  Unlimited classes for $70/month, 3-month contract.  Auto-renew heaven! Learn more!

Note, standard pricing is $10/drop-in with 10-class punch card options.

Learn About our Classes!

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Zumba Kids … Should we bring it back??

Miss Leyla was rockin’ and rollin’ on Saturday mornings!

$10/kiddo or 10-Class Punch Card for $70!

Looking into a new schedule, maybe Saturdays, maybe a week day … Would you join?


What does Fit FRIENDzy Studios Mean to You?


 Our Mission:  Own. Your. Destiny.

Here at Fit FRIENDzy Studios, we’re not just about exercise.  We’re not just about short-term goals, weight loss or muscle conditioning (though absolutely 100% outcomes of joining our FRIENDzy family).  What you really get here is a guaranteed step toward the life you deserve … And a whole bunch of hands to help you along the way.  The whole way.  This is a lifestyle, not a workout program.  This is a family, not a membership program.  We believe in owning our destiny, and we don’t believe in doing it alone.

We believe, and you should too.  So, shall we?


Questions?   Email us at FitFRIENDzyStudios@gmail.com / Call 508.752.5456 or 508.612.3346