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“Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I’ll be remembered.”  ~Dr. Seuss

All CLASSES:  $10 Drop-in … Other Packages Available!

You know ALL general classes* are included in our unlimited membership right? So… ? :-)

*excludes Zumba Kids

Fit FRIENDzy Studios hits the STREET!

Shrewsbury St, that is ☺️

Fri 5/29 6-9pm

Join us at the AMAZING Women Out in Worcester event with a bunch of other incredible vendors!!! Yes, we’ll be doing demos ❤️😍

Tickets are $15 and you should totally pre-order them!!!!

So many free goodies there!!!

don’t wait:  free life-changer!

Yes, we feel that strongly.  Just trust us and download our very own app!

No punch cards, easy registering/canceling, promo updates.

Learn about it here, or just download it (iTunes & Google Play)!!!

Schedule Stuff!

Drop in almost any time!

Use the APP to register for a guaranteed spot, or to check how many spots are available!

We know sometimes planning is HARD, so we LOVE drop-in’s!  So long as class isn’t full, drop-in’s LOVE us (ALWAYS check the schedule for changes first!)! :-)

All we ask is that you cancel AT LEAST 1 HOUR before class (preferably sooner)



More spring/summer DEBUTs!

Belly*Bolly*Bhangra w/ Sarika!!

A Fit FRIENDzy Studios EXCLUSIVE:  Join Sarika Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm!

Zumba Kids … Shake, Shimmy and LEARN!!

Saturdays at 9:30am am!  Drop the kiddo and take Zumba next door!!! ($10)

show your friends/family a real party!

We have a TON of fun at our parties, wouldn’t you like to try it out?

email us if you’re interested!

What Fit friendz really look like…

Check out some pretty amazing people, just like you.

What fit friendzy classes really look like…

“Work” by Lil’ John

“Yea 3x” by Chris Brown

“Mamafrikalo” by Zumba Fitness

“Footloose” by Blake Shelton

 Our Mission:

Own. Your. Destiny.

Here at Fit FRIENDzy Studios, we’re not just about exercise.  We’re not just about short-term goals, weight loss or muscle conditioning (though absolutely 100% outcomes of joining our FRIENDzy family).  What you really get here is a guaranteed step toward the life you deserve … And a whole bunch of hands to help you along the way.  The whole way.  This is a lifestyle, not a workout program.  This is a family, not a membership program.  We believe in owning our destiny, and we don’t believe in doing it alone.

We believe, and you should too.  So, shall we?


Questions?  Email us at FitFRIENDzyStudios@gmail.com or

Call 508.752.5456 (Studio)

or 508.612.3346 (Lauren)