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$10 drop-in for most classes ($15 for speciality programs). We suggest pre-registering via MINDBODY, but we accept drop-ins for all classes that aren’t capped! Check out the “Top News” section on this site for important schedule info like capped classes, babysitting availability and class changes!

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Yes, We Have Zumbini™!

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Our Mission:  Own. Your. Destiny.

 Here at Fit FRIENDzy Studios, we’re not just about exercise.  We’re not just about short-term goals, weight loss or muscle conditioning (though absolutely 100% outcomes of joining our FRIENDzy family).  What you really get here is a guaranteed step toward the life you deserve … And a whole bunch of hands to help you along the way.  The whole way.  This is a lifestyle, not a workout program.  This is a family, not a membership program.  We believe in owning our destiny, and we don’t believe in doing it alone. 

We believe, and you should too.  So, shall we?


Questions?   Email us at FitFRIENDzyStudios@gmail.com or Call 508.612.3346


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