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  1. Fitnezz FUNdamentals
    Fitnezz FUNdamentals
    FREE! Check out the schedule for this instructional class, recommended for EVERYONE. We'll review form and modifications for the most common exercises!
  2. HALLOWEEN Party!
    HALLOWEEN Party!
    Thur 10/27 630-8p One of our BEST EVENTS all year! It's FREE! Workout, snack, drink and DRESS UP! Tell everyone, and bring cash for some AWESOME RAFFLES!
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​​Over 100 Classes a Month. 
Over 20 Class Types.
Over 15 All-Star Teachers.
Every Day, in Neon. 
There's a Tiki Bar.

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All Ages, Shapes & Sizes.
Real People.  Just Like You.

#whosYOURfitfriend #fitFRIENDzystudios #nailedit