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Our December Goal = DOUBLE our FRIENDzy Family!

We know it sounds crazy … but all it takes is for each of you to turn ONE friend into one of our FRIENDz!

Each NEW member (PC holder) gets us closer to our goal … and everyone wins!  We can do it!

There’s a BRAND NEW FRIENDzy Rewards Program attached to it now too!!!!!


 Zumba Kids Officially Added!


Saturdays @ 9:15am for $7/kiddo!  Sign up now!

We’ll Help You Beat the Holiday Bloat!

Have Class Time/Type Requests?  Tell Us!

  It’s the Season of Giving!

 Gift Certificates Available!  Purchase in the Studio or in the Online Store.

You can even email them to your recipient!

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Our Mission:  Own. Your. Destiny.

 Here at Fit FRIENDzy Studios, we’re not just about exercise.  We’re not just about short-term goals, weight loss or muscle conditioning (though absolutely 100% outcomes of joining our FRIENDzy family).  What you really get here is a guaranteed step toward the life you deserve … And a whole bunch of hands to help you along the way.  The whole way.  This is a lifestyle, not a workout program.  This is a family, not a membership program.  We believe in owning our destiny, and we don’t believe in doing it alone.

We believe, and you should too.  So, shall we?20140708-180428-65068667.jpg

Questions?   Email us at FitFRIENDzyStudios@gmail.com or Call 508.612.3346


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